We offer both virtual sessions and in person sessions at our Bellevue location. Now serving clients in Washington, Colorado and Texas.

Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy consists of working one on one with a licensed clinician to identify presenting challenges and set goals. Your therapist is here to listen, support your growth and walk with you through the therapeutic process while providing empathy, compassion and connection. 

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy focuses on the relationship. Your therapist will support you in better understanding one another and your relational dynamic. Here, a safe space is created to explore challenges and practice new skills with the goals to increase relational health and grow together as a couple.

Intensive Therapy

An ETT (Emotional Transformation Therapy) intensive is a therapeutic approach involving an extended period of focused ETT sessions over multiple days. An average intensive consists of 2-3 hour sessions for 3-5 consecutive days. ETT is an attachment-based interpersonal therapy used to treat a wide variety of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and trauma.

ETT utilizes four main components: psychotherapy, light therapy, eye movement, and biofeedback. Various respected research studies have verified all four components as effective therapeutic interventions.

Intensive therapy programs offer a unique and immersive experience with faster progress. They are most beneficial for individuals seeking rapid improvement in their mental health or for those dealing with acute symptoms. Intensive programs also lead to enhanced emotional processing. Their concentrated nature enables clients to work through deeply rooted or complex issues more efficiently than traditional talk therapy, leading to significant and lasting improvements in mental health.

The BTRC also offers a three and a half day small group intensive for individuals recovering from Betrayal Trauma.

Please check out the video below for more information about Emotional Transformation Therapy. In it, BTRC Clinical Director Elizabeth Abbruzza interviews Dr. Steven Vazquez, the founder of ETT.

Women’s Betrayal Trauma Therapy Group

This is a three-month, 12 session, support group for women who are healing from betrayal or infidelity in their relationship. Facilitated by trauma informed licensed therapists, this group provides both psychoeducation and a safe place to process and connect with other women.

Through group therapy you will learn practical ways to set boundaries, cope with distressing triggers, take care of your emotional needs and create safety within yourself. Join us, and other women in a space of compassionate understanding to move beyond betrayal into recovery and restoration.

Redefining Motherhood: An Empowered Moms Group

Are you a mother with young children looking for a safe space to discuss the challenges of motherhood in today’s society? Our group offers a supportive environment where you can connect with others who may be experiencing similar issues.

Our process group covers a range of topics, including different types of support, setting healthy boundaries, navigating “mom guilt” and the mental load, and perinatal mood and anxiety. Additionally, psychoeducation will be provided to support your journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

Here are the details:

Who should attend: Mothers with young children (0-5ish) looking to discuss motherhood in today’s culture.

When/Where: Virtual meetings every other Tuesday from 9am-10:30am (PST) 11am-12:30pm (CST) starting December 5, 2023.

Enrollment: Rolling admission for new members.

Cost: $60 per session, ongoing commitment, with an initial fit assessment appointment.

Join us and connect with a community of supportive moms who are on a similar journey of self-discovery!

Growing Through Grief Group

The 8-week group is a supportive environment designed to guide individuals through the grieving process who have tragically lost someone. Led by trauma-informed therapists, this group provides a safe and empathetic space for participants to share stories, explore emotions, and learn coping strategies.

Throughout the 8-week group, participants will engage in various therapeutic activities and discussions aimed at facilitating healing through your experience of loss. Each session will focus on different aspects of the grieving process, including understanding grief reactions, processing emotions, exploring self-identity, explore meaning and purpose, and strengthen resilience.

Participants will find support in their grief and discover new perspectives, personal growth, and a renewed sense of purpose. We hope participants end group feeling connected to their resilience, a greater understanding of themselves, and a roadmap for navigating their continued grief journey.

Join us and others in a safe and supportive environment as you process through the complexities of grief.

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